Unlocked Stamford 

Unlocked is a community storytelling series based in Stamford, Connecticut. Four times per year, a group of local residents speaks on a central theme in downtown Stamford. The goal is to celebrate our city and unlock Stamford's potential by sharing stories, spreading ideas, and building meaningful connections.  In three short years, 11 events brought together over 800 people to connect with 88 storytellers. Learn more at Unlockedstamford.com, or by reading coverage in the Stamford Advocate

Stamford Supper Club 

A community conversation and dinner series based in downtown Stamford. The Stamford Supper Club seeks to engage the local community in fruitful dialogue that begins around the dinner table and continues once the meal ends. This idea emerged from a series of honest conversations with local community members and residents at local coffee shops, art galleries, bars, and living rooms.

The Stamford Supper Club provides a safe space for people to gather together to prepare a meal, break bread, and enter into meaningful conversations around topics that are important around the world and in our backyards. Learn more. 

Before I Die 

Launched at Stamford's Artwalk, the "Before I Die" wall debuted in Kiwanis Park and at Ferguson Library during the last weekend of June 2014. A temporary installation, Stamford's "Before I Die" wall invited people to reflect on their lives and share their personal aspirations in the public space. Learn more. 

What Did You Do Today?

An interactive gallery installation that invited people to anonymously share what they did that day and see how others spent their days. From running a first 5k to asking out a crush, individuals experienced a diverse selection of activities as collected at Stamford's Artwalk in 2015. Participants filled out index cards with an answer to the prompt "what did you do today?" and then strung them on a fence outside the Ferguson Library. Inspired by Annie Dillard’s poignant meditation on the living, this project hoped to make the public think more about how they spend their days, and in turn, their lives--exploring the importance of being fully present. 

Here's Some Cheer!

Here's Some Cheer! was an evening of storytelling, music and community celebration in December 2015. Residents shared their stories about cheer, as well as made and sent postcards to their neighbors