Meg Dalton

Meg is a writer and radio producer based in Brooklyn. She currently writes about media and journalism for the Columbia Journalism Review, as well as produces its podcast. She's a graduate of Columbia Journalism School where she specialized in audio storytelling and narrative writing. Off the clock, she dabbles in audio production for places like WHYY, NPR, and Marketplace.

In her past life, she was the associate editor of MediaShift and Idea Lab (formerly with PBS) where she covered crowdfunding, virtual reality, podcasts, and all things digital media and technology. She also covered business in southwestern Connecticut for Hearst newspapers, reporting on everything from poverty in Greenwich to gender equity in hedgefunds. 

Things she enjoys: puns, dinosaurs, design, comics, writing in the third person, being a cliché. 

Say hello: megan.e.dalton (at)